When was ‘Shimla Pact’ between India and Pakistan inked?

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Indian Army Sample Exam

Time: 1 Hour Maximum Marks : 100
Pass Marks : 32
Instructions for the Candidates:-
• Do not open answer book till ordered.
• Question paper consists of four parts ( Part I to Part IV) All parts are compulsory
• All questions are compulsory
• Do not write any revealing identification in the answer sheet. Such candidates will be
• Please fill in the set number on the answer sheet at the space provided.
• Space provided on page 2 may be used for Rough work.
• After the termination of test please return the question booklet along with the answer sheet
to the Invigilator.
• Please ensure that you have got the correct question paper and answer sheet.
Complete PDF can be downloaded from Indian army site.

Exam Group: