Stories - Learn with examples

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Once there was an old farmer. He had 4 sons . They were lazy . He advised them to work hard but all in vain. One day the farmer fell ill. His end was near . He wanted to teach his sons a lesson . He called his sons& said,”There is a treasure in our field. Dig it out after my death.

Once there was a fox. He went here & there in search of food. At last he reached in a garden.He saw some raw grapes in the garden.His mouth watered .He jumped again&again. But he could not. At last he went away& said,” the grapes are sour if i eat them i fell ill.

Once there was a dog . He was very hungry. He whet here & there in search of food. At last he reach in a meat shop.He stole a piece of meat there. He wanted to eat it along.So he ran away to the jungle.There was a river on his way. When he crossed the river he saw his reflection. He thought that there was an another dog with a piece of meat.He wanted to eat that piece of meat also. So he bark. When he open his mouth to bark , his own piece of meat fell into the river. He was very sad.

Once there was a fox .He was very hungry.He went here & there in search of food. But he did not get food anywhere. At.At last he reach in a garden . There he saw a crow with a piece of cheese.
The fox was very cleaver . He begin to-praise the crow . He said, “ dear ! You are very beautiful. Your voice is very sweet. PLEASE SING A SONG” . THE CROW AGREED.HE OPENED HIS BEAK TO SING. The piece of cheese fell down. The fox ate it up & went away.

Once there was a crow .He was very thirsty. He flew here & there in search of water. But he could found water anywhere. At last he reach in a garden. He saw a jug of water there.The water was very low.His beak could not reach in the water.He thought of a plane. He put some pebbles nearby into the jug of water. The water came up. He
Drank water & flew away.